Our services

Our services
Our services

Eton Square gives the flexibility and freedom to provide you with insightful and informed professional advice.

We can give recommendations on all aspects of wealth management and help you achieve a financial strategy that is tailored to your needs.

Specific areas of expertise include:

  • Investment

    We recommend investment strategies in line with your short and long term objectives and the risks you are prepared to take. We are able to identify and recommend the best investment routes for your requirements.

    We then continually monitor your situation and investments to insure that you always achieve optimum results.

  • Trust

    We strive to work with the most respected and best performing investment trust managers, with coverage of key countries and industry sectors, to benefit your investments. 

  • Tax

    We are able to advise you on tax efficient investments to maximise your portfolio.

  • Inheritance

    We guide you through the complexities of Inheritance using Tax & Trust Planning specialists who will recommend all the necessary steps to be taken to ensure that your estate is protected.

    In addition to our investment expertise, our associates can provide advice in other areas that are crucial in protecting your lifestyle and planning for retirement. We also work with experts in raising residential and commercial finance.